United Kingdom Reparations


1. Unique and Special

By investing in United Kingdom Reparations, you will be part of a very special British film project. United Kingdom Reparations takes you on an uplifting journey of discovery, exploring social injustice through spectacular scenic imagery which will attract positive worldwide media attention, ultimately winning creative awards

2. Dividends

Investing in United Kingdom Reparations is an excellent way to make a good return. Investors will share in 50% of the Producer’s net profits. The film’s sales projections show that with A list cast, ensured high quality content, dividends will be realised.

3. The Future

We are in unprecedented times after the Covid pandemic, but this will not affect revenue streams from films. There will always be large audiences eager to escape their real-life existences and get imbued in the magic of movies. We are aiming for a theatrical release, but the same returns, in fact higher revenues, are still being enjoyed by selling to streaming services as TV screens have a captive audience. Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Hulu are just a few main players vying for and in need of a constant stream of original content. .

4. Diversity

The cast in United Kingdom Reparations is a microcosm of the world in which we live, diverse – British, African and American, bringing their collective decades of experience in film, tv and stage to the fore in this production, melding beautifully in this fluid piece of art.

5. Credit

Each investor of £100,000 and above will be credited the title,Executive Producer. Your name will be on screen in the end credits. Investors of £500,000 and over will get a single card credit at the beginning and end of the film. Your name will be the only one on the screen impressing everyone who sees the film.

6. Documentary

As an investor, you will have the invitation to take part in United Kingdom Reparations documentary which will follow the making of the movie. Share your reasons for investing, or be filmed on set, talking with the director of cast.

7. Stage Show

From novel to the big and small screen, to a stage. United Kingdom Reparations will be a West End show.

8. Intellectual Property

Merchandising will be a large part of this project’s back-end profits and items such as signed scripts, cups, caps, t-shirts, will be available to purchase through the film’s website.

9. Extra or Small Character Role

All investors can either themselves be an extra in United Kingdom Reparations or can nominate someone. If they have the talent, that person may even be given a line

10. Exclusive Experience

As an investor we will welcome your visit to the film set to meet the cast and crew. You and your close network will enjoy private screenings, access to film premieres, access to after show and wrap parties. You will receive a signed copy of the script from the Writer – Producer – Director Team, some cast members, as well as complimentary tickets to any future organised concerts related to the 50FF feature film project.