United Kingdom Reparations



(18 – 29) A compelling beauty inside and out, due to her hardships which began from birth, there are hints of self-loathing, even though Za is headstrong and determined. With love from her adoptive parents, Za is still left feeling like she doesn’t belong in her family, an emotion she’s unable to shake throughout her childhood. She works hard at achieving and being the best at everything she sets her mind to and her endurance levels are second to none. She endures, strives, reaches goals and no-one and nothing can derail her, be it attaining great exam results to secure a place in a top university, to securing the job of her dreams. Her strong, level headed character traits enable her to shirk rude comments and racial attacks like water off a duck’s back. Despite marrying an attractive, smart, popular and rich man, drawn to him by their love of poetry, his wealth is a simple by-product. Za is totally independent and the type of person who would always be chosen first as a part of any team and would be the reason why the team won. Ultimately Za leads the way in starting to right a disastrous, British wrong.


(18 – 29) He’s super attractive, knows it and is to the ladies, what bees are to honey. Phil’s the seemingly perfect child, brother and husband. Intelligent, thoughtful and kind, his plutomania, (love of money), is drummed into him by his overbearing parents and knows no bounds. Phil learns from an early age that money rules the way and supersedes everything. He marries for love, is caring and very supportive of his wife. His fervent desire to start a family could be seen as endearing, yet under this cloak of perfection, Phil reveals unconscious racism. Ultimately, Phil’s only desire and interest is in bolstering his personal bank account going to any lengths and depths, even murder, to achieve his ultimate goal of untold wealth.


(40s) From shady beginnings, with no siblings and from teenage years without living parents, Justin has shirked his bad boy beginnings to mature into a responsible, thoughtful man. The father of the lead character, this intelligent British character has loved and lost, building a good single life for himself as a book shop owner in Los Angeles. Now, having left a wild life behind in his youth, he understands that he still seeks personal growth, and the way to that is through tranquillity, a deeper understanding of the world and the people who live in it.


(35 – 50s) Caring, kind and patient, Zoe is the epitome of the average positive, helpful, upper middle-class Brit, unaware that they suffer from an unconscious bias. Unable to conceive in a timely manner due to her husband’s accident, Zoe is the ideal candidate as adopter. With a heart of gold, her directives are compelling and commendable, but it takes a major incident for her to examine her attitudes and beliefs, leading to a realisation that she must rectify her unconscious prejudices.


(35 – 50s) – Quiet-spoken, a former 400 metre Olympic gold medallist, Aron’s a champion is so many ways. He never complains about the loss of the use of his legs after a fall from a horse and never lets his disability dampen his mood, even though his movement is restricted, dependent on the wheelchair he’s confined to. His disability hampers his ability to become a natural father. After years of trying, he adopts Za with his wife, Zoe. Always bright and up for a fight, Aron’s heart is big enough to store compassion and a desire to always do and be better.


(55) The British stiff upper lip totally defines this character. She’s as rigid in her warped ideology of white superiority and as inflexible as a steel rod. Her family had money, but she married into the Culve 3 dynasty where her now untold wealth has also heightened her lack of compassion for others. She’s frosty and unlike some racists, doesn’t hide her prejudicial feelings.


(60) – The CEO of Culve Real Estate, Jacob is steely, hard-working and a racist. He inherited the reigns of the company on his father’s death and has further expanded the family business now worth several billions. He’s the perfect match for Emily. They married early and had two children later in life. Together their hatred of races is such that they will happily orchestrate the destruction of their child’s marriage simply to get rid of his Black wife. Jacob is tall, lean and mean.


(70’s)  – You can tell his advanced years by the creases on his skin. A King’s Counsel, Dave is upper class, exceptionally well dressed and a super experienced barrister owning a Chambers which takes his, therefore   his descendant’s surname. Highly respected among his peers, Dave recruits the very best incumbents regardless of colour, creed, religious affiliations or race. But Dave is hiding a secret. One of his forefathers was a slave owner. It’s where the family wealth stemmed from. When there’s a possibility that this past will be exposed, his ruthless characteristics are exposed, as he tries to get rid of and silence the threat.


(15) – The mother of the lead character, Rose looks even younger than her years due to her petite frame. Once brash and bold, Rose knows when to throw in the towel. We meet her mentally battered and bruised. Her inward feelings portray her outward persona, she’s lost and lonely. As a result of living on the streets, Rose matures quickly, causing any weak traits, to harden. 40 – She’s a no-nonsense, studious, independent woman who appears unapproachable at face value. If she lets you in, you’ll find in her a loyal friend and important confidant. Rose’s background is the reason for this impervious character flaw. Too many people have let her down in the past. She has little trust in anyone but herself. Self-taught, to make sure that she can hold her own, Rose is an avid reader. She’s unapologetic for who she has developed into. Rose can see right through the facades of most characters to their real souls. She’s is wise, perceptive and astute beyond her years